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Giorgio Armani
12 000 m2 of the former polymer production plant, which we have converted in to a modern knitting production. We organized a warehouse, an administrative part and equipped all this.
We used the technologies of European manufacturers in our plant.
Knitting machines - we have chosen them as carefully as possible. The basis of our production is made up of Hanma circular knitting machines, which produce high-quality knitted fabrics in gages from 24 to 32.

Dyeing machines - there was no need to think long. Everyone knows Danitech as a high-end manufacturer. Their equipment is used in our production. In addition to consistently high quality, it allows us to save electricity, which is important in the current economic situation.

Stenter machine - Icomatex. It is a recognized market leader, whose machines are valued all over the world for its quality, reliability and environmental friendliness.

The brushing machine is Mario Crosto. It is these carding and brushing machines that the famous Carvico brand uses. And now our customers also have the opportunity to get high - quality brushed knitted fabrics.

Own laboratory
We understand how important it is to be independent in everything related to the production. That is why our laboratory has all the necessary equipment to develop new items of knitted fabrics, colors, and production technologies. It allows us to control the quality of each batch and conduct tests in accordance with the international standards.
What we produce?
Why is it important to us?

We believe that the recovery of the textile production in Russia will give future generations the opportunity to live, work and develop in their country and will give today's generation the opportunity to create this future.
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